The Eridge Approach

At Eridge Underwriting, we believe it is important to understand our market place and to provide an offering to our customers which exceeds their expectations. We employ experienced staff who are familiar with our market and all our business in generated via a carefully selected panel of professional Broker specialists.

In order to provide the best possible cover and service for our Policyholders, it is imperative that we are best placed to serve Policyholders by deploying a rigorous validation regime. This ensures our Policyholders are not subsidising dishonest policyholders. By carrying out validation checks at the point of quote, we only take on clients who have represented their risk openly and honestly.

With careful targeting of customers and selection of brokers to distribute our products, we are able to best utilise our sophisticated rating models and experience to ensure our terms for policyholders are fair and sustainable.

We passionately believe that should a customer need to make a claim under their policy, they deserve as much support as is needed at a potentially stressful time. We are here to provide assistance and to communicate with customers whilst we manage the recovery, repair or replacement of their lost or damaged vehicle.

In the event of an accident, our goal is to ensure the policyholder is back on the road without undue delays.

Once we establish that a client is fully covered under this policy and ascertained who is responsible for the any claim, we will take care of all matters in dealing with third parties involved in the incident.