Motor Insurance Database (MID)

The Motor Insurance Database is a central record of all insured vehicles in the UK. It is managed by the Motor Insurance Bureau and used by the Police, DVLA and the insurance industry to enforce motor insurance laws and to tackle uninsured driving.

Eridge Motor Trade Road Risk Policies – POLICYHOLDER OBLIGATIONS

It is your responsibility for providing up to date information on vehicles you own. If you have any doubts as to what information you should supply, your broker will be able to provide you will all the assistance you need.

Approximately 48 hours after the inception of your Eridge Underwriting policy, you will receive notification from your broker containing a unique password and username login. These details must be used to process your MID updates by visiting

If you lose your password or username login and are experiencing difficulties resetting either, you should contact your broker who will be able to assist.

The following rules apply to vehicles you should add to the MID.

  • Trade plates
  • All vehicles registered to, owned by or leased to you, or any motor vehicle regularly covered under your policy for your motor trade business.
  • Taxed stock vehicles held longer than 14 days.

Please note that as the Policyholder, you must keep records of vehicles held for less than 14 days and be prepared to provide information to us on request. These vehicles may be notified to the MID if you wish to do so.

We would like to point out that although you have 14 days to update the MID once you have taken possession of the vehicle, immediate notification of your insured vehicles to MID reduces the risk of you being stopped and vehicles seized by the police.

The maximum penalty for not submitting vehicle information within the stipulated rules to the MID is a fine of £5000.

You will also need to update the MID as and when you sell or otherwise dispose of a vehicle you have previously disclosed on the MID.

If you have sold a vehicle and not removed it from your MID record you may be liable if the new owner has not arranged their own insurance, which may result in us dealing with any third party claim that arises.  This can potentially have an impact on your no claims bonus and your claims record.

Vehicles submitted to the MID are still subject to the underwriting acceptance criteria of your individual motor trade insurance policy. Please check your policy documents for the details of the types of vehicles that your motor trade policy will cover. If you are still unsure, please contact your broker.